Solve Data Issues With Address Verification

Although it seems that it would be relatively simple to keep an address database up to date, address 먹튀검증업체 is one of the most important things that a company can do to streamline their operations. And in this economy, these kinds of cost cutting measures can be crucial to your long term success.

There are so many pieces of mail that are wasted because they are sent to the wrong location. In fact, the US Post Office states that every year, over 22 percent of all mail is returned because of a mistaken address. This is not only a waste of paper and ink, but also of all of the various sales and management team hours to create the mailings. These problems can be greatly reduced, if not solved altogether, with a USPS address verification system.

Imagine a database that has hundreds of thousands of names worth of information. Each name represents not only an address, but a zip code, phone number, and other pertinent information that gets the right products to the right people.

Now, imagine that each one of those names moves every three to five years. That represents hundreds of thousands of possible mistakes over that same period of time. This is where address verification makes all the difference.

With an address verification system, any company can update their database, almost whenever they want to, in real time. The software links the company database to the US Postal Service Data basing center. Whenever customers move, they must register with the USPS to get their mail. When this happens, the databases will link up and resolve the conflict. This seemingly mundane software update can represent thousands of dollars spent on correct address fees and returned mail charges. Address verification is not only a program that makes sense, it saves time and money.

For every phone call that the service center makes dealing with an address issue, it could be working on the next sale. For every returned catalog, there could be a new order coming through. Your company could and should be working at optimum level to both reduce operating costs and maximize the return on investment.

Address verification can help any company lower the costs of running business while raising the profits. It truly is an easy way to limit headaches while increasing productivity.

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