Loving Money Attracts More of it Into Your Life

To be in vibrational resonance with مكن عد و فرز, you have to love it. If you fear money or do not love it, you will repel it away from you. By thinking thoughts such as you should not love money or feel desire for it, you are causing vibrational dissonance between your subconscious mind and money. By loving money and being comfortable around it like it is your good friend, you free yourself to have money and have it more abundantly.

We have been taught that the love of money is the root of all evil. Therefore we think that it is wrong to love money. But that is one of the biggest errors the world has ever made about understanding money. The truth is, the love of money is not evil. It is only the root of evil. The love of anything can be the root of evil. People have done all kinds of evil for love. Love is not evil. It is when people love with ignorance that results in evil. Loving with awareness only results in good.

When you love money, it can be the root of all good or all evil. Remember that all truth are half truths. The glass can be half empty or half full. One perspective is only half the truth. When you can see things one way as well as the opposite, you have full perspective and total truth. When you love money, that love is the root that can grow into that which is good or evil. Loving money with awareness leads to all good whereas loving money with ignorance leads to all evil.

Observe of the way you behave around money. Notice your thoughts and feelings when you are dealing with it. Do you try to handle it discreetly as though you are almost ashamed of it? Do you find it awkward when you talk about any subject that involves money? Do you try to think as little about it as possible as you quickly pass it to the person you are buying something from, or taking it and putting it away hurriedly as if the longer it stays in sight, the more unacceptable it feels?

All of such behaviors and attitudes shows how you really are towards money. You have an unconscious dislike towards money. You may have all the conscious thoughts about how good it is to have money and believing that you are wealthy, but if you are acting like this towards money, you are creating resistance which prevents money from flowing freely to you. This awareness will open your eyes to your relationship with money and free you from unwittingly repelling it.

Wealth is a state of being. Having wealth begins with being wealth. When you are wealth, you are one with everything that is wealth. To be one with something is to love it, accept it, embrace it and be completely comfortable with it. Money being a form of energy that facilitates enjoyment and providence is a form of wealth. Therefore to be wealth is to be one with money and to love it, accept it, embrace it and be completely comfortable with it. Money moves to the one who loves it the most!

Take out some bills from your wallet and hold it in your hands. Look at it and just be with it. Say to yourself that you love money and money loves you. Feel good about it and feel the love for it. Do the same with your credit cards, your jewelries, your checks, your back account statement, and things that represent money. See all these things not as separated from you, but they are all extensions of your being. The more you love money and are at one with it, the more you attract it into your life.

Treat money with respect and appreciation. When you pass money to someone, do not just chuck it in their hands as if it were a bunch of papers. Hand it over to them as though you were presenting a sword with both hands to a worthy knight. When you receive money, do not take it as though you were grabbing a bunch of dirt and putting it away as if you are trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Take your money with appreciation and handle it comfortably as though it is your favorite pen.

Anytime you see money come into your life such as when you see commissions from sales or gifts from people, love it, welcome it and feel that it loves coming to you. Have the attitude that people love to give money for what you have to offer, and share it willingly and happily with you. Anytime you spend money to get what you desire, do it happily and willingly. Whenever you give money to loved ones or charity, handle your money comfortably and give it as though you are giving your love.

Loving money unites you with it. Fearing money separates you from it. We have an unconscious fear for something when we keep distancing ourselves from it and see it as separate from us. We have an unconscious love for something when we keep being near or around it and see it as a part of us. Allow yourself to identify with money and see your money as you. But when money goes away from you, do not think of yourself as any lesser because to love perfectly is to love freely without attachment.

Love material things in the material world as well. Love your house, your car, your toys, your clothes, your looks, your body and all your material possessions. Feel good about them and see them as all extensions of yourself. Be unashamed to show your money or your material possessions to others. In heaven everyone shows off the beauties of their creation to one another proudly and joyfully. Material things and spiritual things are the same because they are all energy of the source which is God.

People who see themselves as good but see money as evil repel money away from them. People who see themselves as evil but see money as meant for good people, repel money. People who see themselves as good and see money as good attract money to themselves. People who see themselves as evil and see money as evil also attract money to themselves. It is all about being in vibrational resonance by seeing you and money are of the same kind which draws it to you.

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