Panama Islands

Family Island Hack rich in natural resources, history and culture. The Panama islands, rainforests and mountains have fascinated tourists from across the world. There is much to explore in the country and take home memories that are beautiful as well as precious. It is not surprising that most visitors consider settling down here. The people are friendly and the social culture is a melting pot, ever welcoming. Your clearest images of Panama may be of those that you have seen on the series of the popular American reality show, ‘Survivor’. And thus it wouldn’t be surprising that the Panama islands are what interest you the most.

If you look at the map of Panama you will find that it is a virtual land bridge between North America and South America. The North Pacific Ocean lies on the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east of the country. Most of the Panama islands were formed due to volcanic activity. There are many islands here and while some are inhabited there are many that are still untouched by the human population or civilization. Some of the top Panama islands that you shouldn’t miss out on include the following:

The San Blas Islands: Located to the north east of the mainland; these are amongst the most popular islands in the country. They should be on top of your list of places to visit in Panama. There are over 200 islands here, only half of which are named. About 30 of the San Blas islands are made of corals and a treasure in themselves. You can take short a short flight off the mainland to arrive here. Travel from one part of the island to the other may be by boats or by short flights. The San Blas islands are also home to the Kunas, an indigenous tribe. For a holiday that promises spectacular natural beauty away from the busy cities, San Blas is the place for you. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing in this area.

Colon Island: Located in the Bocas del Toro region, the island is the largest amongst the archipelago of islands. It is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions and offers its visitors the beauty of an island and the high life of the mainland. You can enjoy some of the country’s finest restaurants, discotheques and hotels. The island also has a strong boating community. While you are here, don’t forget to visit the other islands, which are just a water taxi ride away.

Pearl Islands: The Pearl islands are located about 50 miles from Panama City, the capital of the country. Most of these islands are uninhabited but are accessible by boat. You could plan to stay at the Contadora Island, amongst the largest of the Pearl Islands. It has some great hotels, fine restaurants and offers duty free shopping. It has 13 beautiful beaches for you to enjoy and relax on. Apart from the water sports that you can enjoy, birdwatching in this area is quite famous, especially on the Pacheca Island.

Boca Brava Island: The Island is located in the Gulf of Chirqui. The national marine park, Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriqui, is on it. This a wonderful place to enjoy a quiet holiday. And it is especially great if you enjoy diving, snorkeling and other non-motorized water sports. With Boca Brava Island as your base you can also explore some uninhabited islands such as the Saino and Las Ventanas.

The islands of Panama, in both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea offer you a terrific experience. However for diving, scuba diving and deep sea fishing the Pacific waters are amongst the best the world has to offer.

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