Luxury House – Icon of Comfort and Style

Luxury Palm Beach architects in area, built to host families or groups paying special attention to the details that make it a home away from home: decoration, coziness and privacy, all just a few steps away from Tulum’s turquoise ocean.

The house that is located right on the beach is the most favorite from all luxury houses in Tulum because it has the following facilities: two bedrooms, each with two king size beds that can be split up into four twin beds, and a third bedroom with a king size bed that can also be split up into two twin beds according to guests needs. The house also features three full bathrooms. This setting allows the house to accommodate three couples in complete privacy, one in each bedroom, or a party of maximum ten people.

The kitchen and dining have an amazing view and sliding glass doors to allow the ocean breeze to circulate throughout the entire space. Walk into the living room, where you can enjoy the 30″ flat screen television. It’s a great space to watch a movie at the end of a rough day of hanging out at the beach. There is also a spacious terrace, which is ideal to sunbathe and enjoy Tulum’s breathtaking sunrises with a huge porch with a big hammock.

They can also provide a cook to fix all your meals, so you and your party can relax and enjoy the paradise. Their facilities include home spa, Wifi internet spots, outdoor soaking tub and daily maid service with laundry service too. As for activities, Tulum luxury house has the most comprehensive map of Tulum including the famous Maya ruins and the Yucatan Peninsula where traces of ancient cenotes and Mayan culture still remain. Any visitor will be awestruck by these old world remnants. Not just that, tourist can also experience kite boarding, cave diving, and kite surfing, snorkeling, share fishing, and many other adventures.

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