Steroid For Eczema – Is it Safe For Your Children

Many doctors suggests a topical steroid for eczema flare ups. But what is a topical steroid? It is any cream, ointment or lotion that contains a steroids online. They’re employed by diminishing inflammation in the skin and are used for assorted skin rashes including eczema. These topical treatments are often called corticosteroids.

And even though these treatments can relieve an eczema flare up, are they a safe alternative for your child? A few years back, my doctor recommended a steroid for me. After filling the prescription, I checked out the attached list of potential complications. What I read was absolutely scary. After reading this info, I was too frightened to use it. ( And as such, I’d never use it on my children. ) Following is a list of possible side effects:

However, I should preface this information by saying that short treatments with a topical steroid for eczema is generally safe and, for most people, cause no problems. However, issues can develop if they are used for long periods, or if used frequently.

A thinning of the skin is the most typical problem. If this condition occurs, it usually reverses itself when the topical steroid for eczema is stopped. However, when used on a long term basis, permanent stretch marks, bruises, discoloration of the skin, or spider veins may develop. In addition, some topical steroids may trigger or worsen other skin problems like acne, rosacea and other types of dermatitis.

Other problems can occur if the steroid for eczema enters the bloodstream. This could result when strong topical steroids are used frequently on huge areas of the skin. The main concern for this problem is with children who require frequent courses of strong topical steroids to control their condition. The steroid can have an impact on their growth. Although there are numerous other potential side effects, these are the main ones that effect youngsters.

Your children depend on you to keep them safe, always read the precautions and full list of potential side effects before selecting a particular course of treatment. In my situation; after reading the info supplied with my prescription, I was too frightened to use the drug. But, this story does have a happy ending; with that side effect fright fresh in my mind, I began doing research to find safer natural solutions. And luckily for me, I found a good natural remedy.

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