Kitten Safety – How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

Decision and you are really going to how much are exotic shorthair kittens. Where do you go to find your cat? Shelters are a good source, especially if you are looking for an older cat. Shelters usually have a surplus of kittens, too. Breeders are also a great place to look if you are looking for a particular breed of cat. Friends and neighbors often have kittens available.

Do not under any circumstance go anywhere on the “spur of the moment” or on an “impulse” to get a cat or kitten.

Right here and now take a deep breath and make this promise to yourself: ” I will take my time, I will not be impulsive. I will visit with each cat or kitten to see which one likes me and which one I am attracted to.”

Shelters have rooms where you can visit each cat by itself. Breeders will let you have time to visit and play with each kitten and certainly your friends and neighbors will be delighted to give you all the time you need and want.

One thing to keep in mind is if you are holding a cat or kitten and it tries to get away from you, do not take it. Find a cat or kitten that relaxes, possibly purrs and feels at ease with you. That cat will be a winner and you both will be a happy pair.

If you have decided on a kitten and can afford the time and money, two kittens are better than one. Two will entertain themselves while you are at work and two will definitely entertain you when you are home. Of course, it is also double trouble.

If you are looking for someone a little more settled may I suggest an older cat. By older I mean a cat that is at least one year old or more. Shelters are full of older cats. Many people move and cannot take their cats. Some people for a variety of reasons have to give up their cats. These cats are truly the “pearls” of catdom.” These cats will appreciate a new loving home. They will love you with all their hearts. Take your time in picking one out. Again, find one that feels at ease with you, possibly purrs and that you feel comfortable with.

In deciding whether to get a male or female, the choice is really a matter of preference. I currently have 2 males and a female. I find the males more affectionate. My female is very independent. All three are offspring of feral mothers.

It is very important if you are looking for a kitten to be certain the kitten has been socialized. A socialized cat will be one that has been lovingly handled, played with, has been around people and other animals outside the litter and children. A cat that has not been socialized will be afraid of people and literally scared of everything.

My Boots is my 11-year-old Tuxedo cat that was not socialized as a kitten and he is scared of his own shadow. My brother gave shelter to a feral female cat that had 3 kittens. He did not have time to socialize them. I took Boots at 9 weeks, but it was already too late to really make him feel comfortable. Both his mother and father were feral cats and that may be the reason he is so skittish.

In spite of all his problems, when the mood strikes him, he is the most lovable cat I have known. It takes a great deal of patience on my part to deal with his problems on a daily basis, as every day his reactions to some of the same things change. However, my husband and I for some reason love him best.

While you have been in the “getting a cat” thinking mood, you also should have been thinking of finding a veterinarian. This person is going to become an important part of your cat’s life and yours.

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