Hosted shopping cart software VS Non-hosted shopping cart software

Because at that time you mostly have just two major options should you choose hosted shopping cart software or Non-hosted shopping cart software. Here,Hosted shopping cart software VS Non-hosted shopping cart software Articles first I will tell you what is hosted and non hosted shopping art software? After that you will read the differences between them and at the end hope so you will be able to make the right hyde.

Hosted shopping cart software: –

This is basically a complete service offered by any company that provides you shopping cart (Obviously) as well as hosting services and complete customer support for any issue regarding that hosted shopping cart software or your ecommerce site.

Non hosted Shopping Cart Software: –

This is shopping cart software that you will need to purchase from any company and just you can use it. It will be completely upon you to know how to use it and what are its functions and what you will do if anything you need regarding it.

Differences in Hosted and Non-Hosted Shopping cart software: –

In non-hosted shopping cart software you need to do all designing of your shopping carts. On the other hand if you use hosted shopping cart you will not need to worry about designing or developing of shopping cart. All this will be done by the company you purchased hosted shopping cart services.
When you are using hosted shopping cart software with its complete services package you will also get web hosting services from them. In short you will not need to pa to another company for hosting services. On the other side of the screen those who use Non-hosted shopping cart software they have to hire another company for hosting services.
Every shopping cart software companies update their software quarterly, semi annually or annually that means all those ecommerce websites who use that software also need updating. Business persons who use hosted shopping cart software do not need to do any update manually. Their ecommerce sites will update automatically with software updates as well you will not need to pay any extra amount.
But in Non-hosted shopping cart software or stand-alone shopping cart users need to update their software as well as they need to update their WebPages manually. And might be those companies will ask for extra payments at the time of any software update. But in hosted shopping art software you do not need to pay extra for update because you are already paying them on monthly basis.
In short Hosted shopping cart software gives full of relaxation from all those updates and time to time payments tensions. But Non-Hosted shopping cart software users need to face all those hurdles. Now decision is on your own hand. Best of Luck!

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