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These are just a few of the categories available. Each category contains a choice of suppliers each stocking a vast range of products. You save money by Spectrum Mall AND you earn a rebate (typically 2-7%) for buying through you own mall!

But one of the most powerful concepts of My Power Mall has to be the fact that if you get family and friends to open there own My Power Mall, you earn a slice of the rebate for whatever they purchase online through their Mall, and this concept works up to nine levels deep! You can begin to imagine what happens to your earnings if friend ‘A’ starts their own My Power Mall and starts buying through it AND in turn, friend ‘A’ introduces two or three of their friends to My Power Mall. Whatever they are buying through their malls, you get a slice of their rebate! So I’m sure you can see start to see the potential to earn here.

At this point, it is important that you understand that this is no ‘multi level marketing’ or ‘pyramid’ scheme. Most importantly, this is not just a scheme designed to get you to part with your cash and leave you with nothing, you WILL NOT BE ASKED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING AT ANYTIME in order to start your shopping mall. Also, the training and marketing knowledge that is made available to you so that you can promote the My Power Mall idea is truly impressive.

This really is a brand new shopping rebate system, you will earn a rebate just for buying through your own mall AND you will earn a rebate on whatever your friends might shop for when they purchase goods through their own My Power Mall! and remember, that rebate system will be tracked up to nine levels deep for each member!

Nobody loses out here, it really is a win-win situation, and that’s what makes this system so powerful, everyone gets to save money by buying things you would have bought elsewhere anyway, and everyone earns a rebate because they have bought those items through their own own shopping mall! Currently at the time of writing, membership stands at over 70,000 and it’s easy to see why!

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping in Dallas Malls or Fort Worth Malls (where I live) or any mall, for that matter. I realized something when I stayed up wa-a-a-y too late on a recent Sunday night to watch the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol, Tennessee.

Racing speeds are greatly affected by track temperature and it was unusually hot at Bristol. In fact, the track temperature reached 136 degrees! The hotter the temperature, the slicker the track and the harder it is for the cars to get traction.

Stay with me here.

The premier bracket of NHRA is the Top Fuel category. These beasts are about 25′ feet long, boast over 7000 horsepower and reach speeds of 320 MPH in the quarter-mile. By comparison, if your street car even reached 100MPH in a quarter-mile, you’d have one powerful street car.

Drag racing is conducted in an elimination style, similar to March Madness in college basketball.

The top 16 drivers with the fastest speeds qualify to be in the race. Then they pair off and race. The winner advances to the next round and the loser goes home.

Brandon Bernstein is one of the top performers in the Top Fuel category. Bernstein eventually won the top fuel event, but he had challenges along the way.

Many drivers had to do what’s called “Pedaling” when their tires lost traction. They press and release the accelerator in short bursts to try to regain traction. In round two and the semifinal round, Bernstein and his competitors all experienced lost traction and they got into a pedal-fest.

Bernstein didn’t give up on his car and stuck with it. He did a better job of pedaling than his competitors, went on to the final round, where he won convincingly.

OK, here’s the point. Were rounds 2 and 3 pretty? Not by a long shot.

Is that the way Bernstein’s team planned it? No way!

But even though things didn’t go exactly the way they planned, Bernstein’s team was still successful and triumphed at the end of the day.

I want you to think about that the next time you’re shopping at your favorite mall. Things may not go exactly as you had hoped.

Did you find the perfect shoes? Maybe not.

Did your son spill his drink? Probably.

But at the end of the day, you survived, spent time with your family, enjoyed a snack, and, BONUS – you weren’t at work.

It may have been a challenge, but you were doing something you chose to do and that’s liberating in itself.

Mall trips – rarely perfect. But you can still make them downright pleasant with a little pedaling, and stopping to smell the roses every now and then.

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