Christians, Awake From Your Slumber

This is a call to all a course in miracles programs all over the world to wake up from their spiritual slumber, unite once again, and win this world for Christ. There is the need for revival; and the revival should start from within individual Christian. The world cannot have peace until Christians go out there to let the world know the will of God, through our speech and conduct, a displayed sincerity of our faith.

Christians are not living up to the God’s standard expected of them. This does not encourage unbelievers to follow our way of life. Christians need to live an example to people of the world; this is the only way Christians can influence them. The Bible says that Christians are the light and salt of the world; however, we are not shining, neither can we season.

Are there more virgin lands to discover on earth? Are there new places to preach the gospel anew? What we need is to exhibit what we professed if it has to be meaningful to the unbelievers. If Christianity must grow, laid down apostolic doctrine must be followed. Though certain things may have changed because the world is changing every day; however, the core principles of Christianity has not change. Truth will always be truth and Sin will always be sin.

Early revivals focused on enlightenment about the Bible, the cross, conversion and activism; another focused on bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, men and women, and so forth.

What we need now is revival for the resurgence and regeneration of moral and spiritual values, which had deteriorated and causing many social ills. Christianity is more of ideology than spiritual today, this is having a negative effect on Christian’s way of life.

The need for revival is not new; it is a recurrent event from ages to ages. It is a reminder for us to come nearer or back to God. When children of God are going astray or in apostasy state, revival is heralded to either relieve burden of sin or cause to suffer complete nervous breakdown. The word of Isaiah to the children of Judah and Jerusalem is applicable to this day, “Come now, and let us reason together…” (Is. 1:18). The time is ripe for another revival.

The truth of the word of God has the solution to the problem of the world. It starts from the church. Christians need to return to their God. If Christianity continues in this sluggish manner where their core principles are neglected, then they are losing the world to the opposition.

There is the need for another “Great Revival” like that of the early centuries. There is the need to spark for more power from above and a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Every Christian should be emotionally involved in their faith. Every Christian needs to study the Bible more than to listen only to Ministers preaching. This is not to say we should neglect the congregation of the children of God, but in order not to be deceived by some false teachers, which dominate the Ministers in today’s churches.

The type of revival we need should promote nondenominational and nonsectarian Christianity. A house divided cannot stand. Many believers are tired of this segregation. Are we not one in Christ, a branch of the one Olive tree? If we so hate ourselves within, how do we want the world to feel about our way of life. Our way of life should depict the fruits of the spirit.

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