96 Inch Texas Holdem Poker Table With Raceway Critical Overview

Have you ever just seen something in a store and had to have it without even looking at the price tag?  A couple years ago,

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 a bunch of us wanted to start building this in-home casino.  We played so much Texas Holdem around town that it got to the point where we wanted to hold games for all of our friends from the country club and their friends as well. So we went out and bought everything we could to have our own little owl77.

We had everything you could think of and three Custom Poker Tables for our patrons to enjoy.  Then one day while surfing the Internet we came across this astonishing piece.  It was a 96 Inch Texas Holdem Poker Table With Raceway marble finish.  There was this heavily chromed steel, marble finish columns, polished brass cupholders, and padded armrest for comfortableness.  It was literally the most intriguing table we had ever seen.

So what we did was sell the other three Big Poker Tables one by one.  We didn’t want to jeopardize the games, so we went back and bought the first 96 Inch Texas Holdem Poker Table With Raceway marble finish.  Then when it was delivered, we put a hardwood table up for sale on eBay.  One by one, we switched them out for the new version until everyone was sitting at this one on poker night.  In short, these Imperial Poker Tables became the centerpieces of our entire mini-casino.

This meant we had to go out and find matching Poker Tables Chairs, surrounding furniture, and pictures.  What was meant to be a simple switch turned out to be a fun adventure.  During the week, we would go to these stores with a picture on our digital camera of the 96 Inch Texas Holdem Table With Raceway finish.  Then pick out everything little by little until finally our basement had been transformed into something that stepped out of the Roman Empire.

In fact, we even have a little statue of Socrates and a Trojan horse in the Game Room.  When our friends and their friends come over for a night of fun the first thing almost everyone says is, “Wow.”  It’s a great feeling to know that everyone enjoys what we’ve done and while that is satisfying, the main goal was to be able to have everyone get that casino appeal.  Our biggest compliment we ever got was from someone new who said they felt like they walked into a casino in Vegas.

Granted, looks aren’t everything, but when you add in the opportunity to play here then it’s all well worth it.  Fast forwarding to today and we have approximately sixty people that show up on Saturdays.  We’ve got to the point where there are six tables in all for various Poker Games, but we’re running out of room.  Just last week we had to put the coach and love seat in the garage for the night so we could have a table upstairs as well.

It was a bear to move, but you know how us diehards are about our poker.  It’s a funny thing to say, but eventually we’re just going to have to get another house.  Then again, we could transform the garage and keep the cars outside.  Wonder what our spouses will think of that idea.  Well, they should be happy with it, considering they play every weekend sitting at a 96 Inch Texas Holdem Poker Table With Raceway finish as well.

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