Things to Consider When Upgrading Your CPU

A central processing unit, or pcdesigner, enables your computer to run programs and software applications such as Microsoft Word, AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Explorer. The faster your CPU is, the faster programs are loaded and opened by your computer.

Computer processors were once available with only one processing unit. With advancements in computer hardware technology, however, it is now possible to buy dual-core and quad-core processors. Collectively called multi-core processors, a dual-core CPU has two processing units while a quad-core CPU has four processing units.

Unfortunately, computer programs have to be specially designed to take advantage of the speed and features of the new multi-core processors. That being said, you can drastically increase your computer system’s performance by upgrading to a multi-core processor. These computer CPUs can distribute workload amongst their cores. If multiple applications are being run at the same time — four, for example — a quad-core processor will use a different core to handle each application.

In addition to improving system performance, multi-core CPUs can lower your power consumption. These new computer components consume less electricity than the single-core processor. Consequently — and as an added benefit — multi-core CPUs can run cooler than their predecessors and minimize your computer overheating issues.

If you are thinking of replacing your computer CPU, you should try and get a multi-core processor. AMD and Intel offer an impressive lineup of CPUs, both single-core and multi-core.

You may also need to replace your motherboard if you decide to upgrade to a multi-core processor. Motherboards can only accommodate certain CPU models. Multi-core CPUs need to be fitted into motherboards that supports the technology.

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