Driveway Alarms and Door Alarms A Necessity

Driveway alarms and lunk alarm are a necessity in today’s world. While other security devices such as surveillance cameras come in handy, driveway alarms keep away any unwarranted entry into home or office. Drive way alarms are based on sensor and can detect any movement on the sensor path. Therefore, the moment it detects any kind of movement on the sensor path, it activates an alarm. They are reliable and a one time investment that cautions the home owner of any trespasser or an intruder for a long time to come. These alarms are definitely a great substitute for home security.

These alarms are based on a very simple mechanism that consists of a transmitter and a receiver. When the alarm is triggered, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, which sets off the alarm alerting every one in the vicinity. At times this security arrangement is such that the police are simultaneously alerted helping them to reach the intruded place almost immediately.

Drive way alarms and the door alarms is a common feature today and are extensively used for domestic as well as commercial security purpose. They are also used for automatically opening the doors in companies and malls. The different kinds of drive way alarms used for various purposes include

• Wired alarm
• Wireless alarm
• Infrared drive way alarms and
• Metal detection alarms

There are various spots in homes and offices that are not always seen, visible or simply not thought about, the multifunctional driveway alarms come in handy in such cases. These spots make it convenient for the burglars and other unwarranted individuals to enter the premises with ease. The alarms in such cases alert the owners instantly. These alarms are widely used against property vandalism too. Valuables such as cars, bikes, television and all the other household items are as important as the valuable kept in the safe away from home. So, using a door and drive way alarm will definitely keep the robbers and the rogues away.

The wireless alarms are easy to set up, and can be installed in almost any part of the house – be it along the door, the display unit, passages or the house paths. The motion alarms can be used to detect motion in any corner of the house that remains secluded and lonely. The wireless alarms work on battery as well as battery back up system, giving security to the area even in case of power failure. With a range of about four hundred yards, the driveway alarms are not only an excellent security measure but safety measure as well.

The wired alarms are high on maintenance and complicated to install too. The wired alarms may sometimes cause a chaos because of the wires running through the length and breadth of the compound. Though it is installed with all the precautions, there are cases of tripping.

Other exciting features of the driveway alarm is the visual display installed along with it giving you the convenience to keep an eye on your children while they are playing or hanging out towards the exterior of your home. The visual display helps through the day to day functioning of a household aiding in case an unknown visitor drops by. The fake security cameras may help only to intimidate the intruder and not actually help catch hold of him. So prefer a good display unit instead.

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